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The First mini-football championship among children

Mini-football championship “Copa” among children from orphanages will take place in Lviv for the first time.

Five teams have already registered to participate in the tournament. Each team will consist of 15 members, but only 9 of them will be playing during the match: 5 players in the team and 4 substitute. First matches are planned on 15 October, four teams will be playing: “Vanguard” (Zhuravno) – “Lions” (New Mylyatyn) and “Power” (Bryukhovychi) – “Forward” (Vynnyky).

It should be noted, that announcement about this mini-football championship “Copa” will be during the half time one of the nearest matches of FC Shakhtar at the Arena Lviv.

“It wasn’t so easy to prepare everything for this championship, as team members are not professional clubs and its players didn’t sometimes have such simple things as football form, shoes, and balls. Also they didn’t actually know how to be a team member and play fairly, didn’t have good technical skills etc. Only with God’s blessing and not indifferent people’s help we are at the beginning of the first season of mini-football championship “Copa”. The team members are orphans and children whose families are in difficult circumstances that live in boarding schools. Taking part in this championship will help children to demonstrate their skills and work on their weaknesses. And I am very thankful to all those people, who helped us to organize such a great deal”, – said the head of the mission “Orphans Care Center” o. Roman Prokopec.

“We are starting a new great deal, which will give a lot of new opportunities for children that live in boarding schools. Everything will be real: sortition, dates of games, professional referees during matches, transitional Cup, presentation of the teams at the Arena Lviv” said the head of the Department of Youth, Family and Sport of Lviv Vladimir Schneider.

Team members of “Copa” championship are children from:

  • “Vanguard” – Communal Institution Regional Children’s TB sanatorium;
  • “Power” – Lviv special boarding school number 104;
  • “Lions” – orphanage “Good heart”;
  • “Forward” – Vynnyky’s secondary boarding school;
  • “Dream” – training and rehabilitation Center “Dream”.

The organizer of the “Copa” Championship is Orphans Care Center with the support of Department of Youth, Family and Sport in Lviv.  The main partner is FC “Shakhtar”.


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