Молитовне життя
Молитовна зустріч,
2-ий понеділок кожного місяця, храм Петра і Павла
Волонтерське життя
Волонтерське життя
Спортивне життя
Спортивне життя
Чемпіонат з міні-футболу серед інтернатів, відкриття з 30 вересня
Таборове життя
Таборове життя
Соціальне життя
Соціальне життя

Sport life

Championship of mini-football among boarding schools, beginning on 30 September

Social program: “Sport for Everyone”

Through the mediation of sport we influence various spheres of our pupils` lives, as if they want to work out, they can`t skip classes, smoke or use obscene language. The result is not only a well-trained body, but also a well-formed character and the spirit of a fighter, for whom “community” and “brotherhood” are not mere words.

Спортивне життя
Four great tournaments were held:

  1. Dedicated to Intercession, where the team took third place and one of the members was acknowledged the best defender.
  2. Dedicated to St. Nicholas` Day.
  3. Spring Tournament.
  4. Dedicated to Independence Day of Ukraine.

It is planned to develop the football teams and take part in regional, national and international floorball championships. We take pride in the boys who played for the team of “Znesinnia”, which represented Lviv Region, and also the floorball players, whose talents were noticed by the Head of Lviv Floorball Federation and the Head Coach of the Ukraine national floorball team.

The “Orphan Center” often faces with financial problems, sinceaway matches, sports kits, participation in tournaments, rent of fields and transport are quite expensive. We would like to create a football field to host championships uniting the spirit and belief of orphans there. Any help from people of free will in this noble cause is encouraged.Our another goal, or dream, is the development of the church league that would operate among parishes and youth communities of the UGCC.

Read more details about the vents of this rubric here.

The volunteers responsible for this direction are Mykhailo Kachmar, Mykhailo Petrivskyi, Orest Apostoliuk


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