Молитовне життя
Молитовна зустріч,
2-ий понеділок кожного місяця, храм Петра і Павла
Волонтерське життя
Волонтерське життя
Спортивне життя
Спортивне життя
Чемпіонат з міні-футболу серед інтернатів, відкриття з 30 вересня
Таборове життя
Таборове життя
Соціальне життя
Соціальне життя

Letters to St. Nicholas

The volunteers from the Orphan Care Centre – assistants of St. NicholasЛист до Миколая – collect letters from 12 large and low-income families who live in Lviv and also from the orphans who have started their independent life beyond the walls of a boarding school. We have already received the first letters from the youngest children – Andriyko, Elisaveta and Eva – and have delivered them to the heavenly bureau.  We made a database of them. And now we ask people of good will to help us with the presents. You can find the letters here. It is possible to choose only a part of the presents from a certain letter; just write which you choose in commentaries below it.

We would also like to ask St. Nicholas to help us gather “Christmas basket”, which we will pass on December, 18 to the families we care about.  If you want to visit these families together with St. Nicholas and the volunteers, then inform us in commentaries. Very soon we will give a list of all the necessary goods and products.

We kindly ask all those who are willing to help to state in commentaries which products they want to provide. Every day we will update the list of the presents needed.

You can bring presents until December, 1 (fruits – until December, 16) to info-centre of Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church (Lviv, Teatralna, 11). You can also bring sweets and stationary. It is necessary to specify on the present to whom it is destined – the number of a letter, the name and the age of a child; or just write “Christmas Basket”.  If you have any questions, feel free to write on our e-mail orphancenterlviv@gmail.com .

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  1. Julia says:

    Туристично-мистецький комплекс «Маєток Святого Миколая» в Національному природному парку «Гуцульщина»

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