Молитовне життя
Молитовна зустріч,
2-ий понеділок кожного місяця, храм Петра і Павла
Волонтерське життя
Волонтерське життя
Спортивне життя
Спортивне життя
Чемпіонат з міні-футболу серед інтернатів, відкриття з 30 вересня
Таборове життя
Таборове життя
Соціальне життя
Соціальне життя

How to help?


Bank details:

Mission “Orphan Care Centre”
Current account  № 26003060441526 at PrivatBank
MFO 325321
USREOU code 37527309



Один коментар на “How to help?

  1. Dulae Ahn says:

    Good Morning!
    My name is Dulae Ahn, and I am interested in helping volunteer for the day on Sunday, January 7th. I am not from Ukraine, so my language is primarily English. Is there anyone who speaks English that would be able to assist me in answering some questions?

    I want to donate some toys and arts and craft materials. I also want to provide food for the children and staff in light of the holidays. I will be able to bring the toys the day of, but as far as food, what would be the best way to approach that? And lastly, what time is best for me to come?

    Thank you. I look forward to your response!

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