Молитовне життя
Молитовна зустріч,
2-ий понеділок кожного місяця, храм Петра і Павла
Волонтерське життя
Волонтерське життя
Спортивне життя
Спортивне життя
Чемпіонат з міні-футболу серед інтернатів, відкриття з 30 вересня
Таборове життя
Таборове життя
Соціальне життя
Соціальне життя

A Weekend with Children

On 27 September 2014 the mission “Orphans Care Center”, cooperating with the fund  “Maibutnye Syrit” (“The Future of Orphans”), sets up “A Weekend with Children” – meetings aimed at acquainting the orphan students with the history and places of interest of Lviv.

This time we are waiting for the orphan students from Ternopil.

The Program:

10:30 – meeting of the guests, a snack

11:00 – Icebreaking (exercises on getting acquainted)

11:15 – dancing

11:30 – Bicycle tour around Vysokyi  Zamok (the High Castle), Shevchenkivskyi Hai (Shevchenko`s Grove) and the Lychakiv Cemetery. A joint prayer  for soldiers dead during the Antiterrorist operation.

13:00 – Dinner

14:00 – Walking tour “The fight for independence: alone against the enemy? – God`s with us”.

15:00 – Excursion “Goodies in Lviv” (Lviv Handmade Chocolate, “Caramel” pastry shop, Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture etc.)

15:30 – Excursion “Lviv unites the hearts” (legends about love in Lviv) or “Lviv Underground” (Catacombs of Trinitarians, The Dominican church and monastery, The Pharmacy Museum etc.)

16:00 – Excursion “Wonder Train”.

17:00 – Farewell.

The guests of our next “Weekend with Children” will be orphans from Donets`k and Luhans`k regions. One more target of the meeting, except of the informative one, will be to spread the idea of unity among the children, as quite a few of them treat everything Ukrainianaggressively due to some circumstances.

“Orphans Care Center” is open to collaboration in the initiative and will willingly accept any help (funds, sweets, your own spare time etc.).

The Media Center of “Orphans Care Center”



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